Ngiegboiya is a beautiful village that was named after a Hill called “Ngiegboi” in the local language. This means the “Red Hill”. The village falls under the Bo District, being 40 miles off from Bo which is the Second Capital of Sierra Leone.


Ngiegboiya has a dramatic history, starting with the civil war in 1991 which lasted 11 years. About 50.000 Sierra Leoneans lost their lives during this war. Infrastructures like schools, health care facilities and roads were destroyed. While still recovering, their was an outburst of fire in the village a few years ago which destroyed the houses and belongings of over 15 families.


The total population of Sierra Leone is estimated to be 5.9 million, of this 60 percent lives in rural areas like Ngiegboiya . Over 70% of the Sierra Leonean population is under the age of 30. About 60% of these young Sierra Leoneans are structurally unemployed. This rate is among the highest in the West African region. Of those youth who are employed, more than 80% is still living in extreme poverty, earning below the poverty line of less than $ 2,- per day.